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Get an Insurance Even When You’re Driving Someone Else’s Car


Driving requires auto insurance policy. The state law has a say on what particular type of coverage you will get nonetheless you always have the liberty to add something to this minimum state requirement depending on your own personal preferences. Who needs car insurance is not a question for no one is exempted whether you are a student or a well-experienced driver, whether you will drive a brand new car or old buddies, whether you are using company cars or personal ones or whether you own a car or you do not so long as you are driving you need to avail this evil necessity.

People living in the city normally would not mind having their own ride thus mostly relying on public means of transportation or borrowing a friend's ride or getting a car rental. Such cases where you have to ride a car you do not own will not free you from getting your own car insurance. Remember it is a must for all drivers and car owners. The kind of auto insurance that is created to fit this need is the non owner insurance. As obvious as it may seem it is tailored for people who drive cars he/she does not own. However non owner car insurance policy is not offered by all auto insurance providers thus browsing the internet to get the names of companies offering such coverage will definitely help you if you are eyeing to get one.

Non owner car insurance will cover your medical bills in cases of accidents and it will free you from getting the expensive liability coverage car rental services can provide.

Normally non owner’s policy includes liability, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage aside from the medical payments.

Car rental companies can actually offer you such coverage however you have to carefully analyze your situation before deciding whether to get your own non owner auto insurance policy or not. It all depends on how long you are going to drive someone else's car. If you plan to use it for more than ten days a year then it is better to avail your own non owner policy than buy the coverage car rental company’s offer.

It always pays to be readily prepared to face any financial problems an accident may bring however it all boils down to your personal assessment whether to get services like non owner auto insurance or just rely on car rental companies package deal. By the end of the day it is you who can determine whatever kind of coverage you need when you drive on the streets.