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The need for non auto owners’ insurance


Non owners’ auto insurance is required when you drive a car often but don’t really own one of your own. If you usually borrow a car from your friends or colleagues or rent one frequently, then you might consider non-auto owners’ insurance which comes with its own set of benefits. It is important to be insured with at least liability insurance if you are driving a car.

What does it comprise of?

Usually non-owners’ insurance doesn’t include comprehensive or collision insurance or other utility features like roadside assistance or medical coverage provided to car owners on their auto insurance. However, non owners’ insurance includes liability coverage that will provide for cost of repair of damages caused to other vehicles or property while you are driving. Non owners’ auto insurance might also include loss damage waiver which means that you have coverage protection in case you lose a vehicle that you have borrowed or rented. However, you will have to pay extra for getting the loss damage waiver and it is not included by default.

Problems with non owners’ car insurance

There are a lot of constraints with non owners’ car insurance when you compare it to normal insurance owned by car owners. For example, this policy usually covers only one individual who has rented or borrowed the car. While in car owners’ insurance, you can add friends or family members, the same cannot be done in case of non owners’ car insurance. You cannot sign for non owners’ car insurance if the cars are loaned to you or they are owned by you. In short, non owners’ car insurance is for cases where you don’t get the car on a regular basis and you don’t own the car. If the car is available on a regular basis or if it is owned by someone living with you, then, you cannot be eligible for non owners’ car insurance.

Cost of non owners’ auto insurance

The cost of the non owners’ auto insurance depends on quite a few factors. This includes the driving history of the individual and the amount of coverage protection that is needed. The premium might go up if you plan to use the car often as the risk of an accident goes up multi-fold. However, you can get discounts on auto insurance based on your driving record, if it is good, or through certifications from safe-driving courses.