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Why It Is So Hard To Get Modified Car Insurance?


Car modification has been a famous trend these past years, and the impact of television programs, movies, and video games have further popularized this phenomenon among drivers.

Because drivers want to modify their vehicles, high street car shops have emerged to provide the necessary parts in upgrading cars. Whether the upgrade is inside, out, or both, the goal of its owner is to modify his ride in a way and style that will best fit his own driving style. There are also owners who choose classic cars and restore them to their former glory. Indeed, car modification is an exciting process that will make you feel “closer” to your car; however, you will need to pay the price.

Aside from the thousands of dollars you will spend buying custom parts; another pain in the pocket is the modified car insurance waiting for you. Unlike “ordinary” vehicles, custom cars are recommended to acquire their own type of insurance. You may still choose from the basic auto insurance policies out there, but they will definitely charge incredibly high rates. If you like to spare hundreds of dollars, then you need to search for modified car insurance that offers the best rates.

The first thing you have to consider before searching for policies is that a custom-built car has higher chances of getting into accidents, being stolen, and vandalized than any other kind of vehicle in the market. If you remember this, you would not be too surprised to see high premium rates. However, why are they so high? This is because most drivers who modify their cars are between the ages of 15-25, which fall under the high risk driver category. If you are a high risk driver, it means you are more likely to file claims on your insurance because of accidents and other unfortunate events.

A good way to possibly reduce modified car insurance rate is by installing several security devices to your car and create a closed garage to keep thieves away. As always, keeping a clean driving record will put some trust to your insurers, which may possibly lower down your monthly payments. If you are not in a hurry to modify your car, you can wait until you have reached the age when you are considered a low risk driver. That will surely cut down a significant amount in your insurance.

Lastly, think over whether you really want your car customized. The thousands of dollars you will be spending on parts and modified car insurance may already be enough for you to buy a brand new car. It is your choice.