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A quick guide on modified car insurance


It is inevitable to opt for car insurance when you make a purchase of the vehicle. Be it a brand new car or a second hand one, there is no escape to insuring it as per the law.  There are many insurance policies offering different schemes and coverage, but one variety of insurance that you should know about is the modified car insurance.

Many a terms we are tempted to tweak the internals of our car and replace parts of it either for better performance or feasibility. While this is accepted, you must know that this will have an impact on the insurance policy that covers your car. You have an obligation of keeping your insurance company informed about all the modifications that you are making to your car.

While things may go unnoticed when you make no claims, such details will hold great value in cases where you are claiming for the insurance amount. In many cases, the insurance company has refused payment in cases where no information as given about the modifications.

The smallest of modifications must be informed to the insurance company and this goes on to influence your premiums. However it is not just this one factor that determines your premiums. Factors like the driver’s age, the model of the car many others influence the high premiums you pay.

A small search on the net can give you all the information you want about the tips to keep the premiums to minimum in spite of enjoying all the modifications you make to the car. One simple tip is to select a simple car based on the need rather than considering high end trendy cars that attract higher premiums.

Another simple tip to reduce the premium rates is by keep an eye for security. There are many security devices priced reasonably in the market. These assure round the clock protection to your prized possession and the insurance company understands this too. They will willingly rework your premium rates to minimize it if your car has a security device fixed to it.

People usually get into a tussle with insurance companies when claiming the amount. If you want to avoid such an ugly face off, all you have to do is be specific in letting the insurance company know if you have made any modification to the car. Such a detailed, well planned step will give you a chance to heave a sigh of relief even under the hugest claims you have to make.