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When you alter your car


Maybe it is human nature not to be satisfied mostly with what he/she has. Since history itself showed us what human minds can create or invent, we tend to be unstoppable in asking for more.

This is why we do changes with the things we already have like cars. We just love modifying our cars. Maybe it is a manifestation of our dreams of designing automobiles on our own or it is just a display of what necessity brings about. Whatever your reason behind adding changes to your vehicle make sure that you are aware that by doing so you are also changing the face of your auto insurance policy rate.

A non-standard or better known as modified car is any type of car that has undergone alterations or addition to its standard factory specifications. So if you add new exhaust system to your ride, you just altered its original design. If you give your car new bumpers or spoilers you are making your car non-standard. Fitting of body kits and tuning procedures changing the way your vehicle performs are modifications as well.

Car insurance companies set policy rates according to some assessment. It is as simple as if you are a high risk it is more likely for you to be involved in an accident thus you probability of filing car insurance claim is high as well. Thus insurance providers will give you high premium rates. And if you are the otherwise, meaning you are considered as a low risk driver the possibility of the company spending so much money for your future car insurance claim is low thus you are offered low insurance rates.

Unfortunately for non-standard or modified cars the alterations made on the vehicle as seen as posting more risk. Thus high rates may be expected. The thing is when you alter your ride, you add value to it and you also make it more alluring for thieves hence you cannot blame your provider if you will be given expensive dues.

This high rate can even get higher if the modifications you did to your vehicle is on its engine and performance. Why? It is because by doing so you just showed your car insurance company that the risk of you driving your newly modified car at higher speed is likely on your case.

Indeed you will be paying more in your car insurance policy if you will be driving a modified car as to compare it with insuring just the conventional car. If it will cost you a lot then do not declare what alterations have been done on your vehicle. Well that is a nice idea but of course you cannot do that. If you do not inform your insurer about all the modifications done on your car you will just risk invalidating your future claims.