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All you need to know about modified car insurance


Some people are more passionate about driving and their cars, than others. Such people make numerous changes to their cars based on their own preferences. They could change the look and feel of the car or alter parts just to make it more powerful. Modified cars at one time represented a very difficult prospect as far as getting auto insurance was concerned. This was because after the changes they became an unknown entity and hence far riskier compared to what the normal car straight out of the showroom would be. However, these days, it is possible to not only get modified car insurance but also discounts on the premiums for such cars based on various factors.

Types of modified cars

The type of modified car that you own could make a lot of difference to the cost of insurance. If your modified car is a show car, for example, then it would obviously be taken care of and less likely to be involved in accidents. That makes it a good candidate for cheaper auto insurance. On the other hand, modified cars used for street racing are high risk vehicles which attract very high premiums for the high chances that they are involved in crashes. You can also modify cars out of your own interest, for example, getting alloy wheels or making changes to the exhaust.

What kind of modifications could be involved?

There are several different types of modifications that you can do to a car. While some could actually make it a safer prospect from the insurance perspective, other changes could raise the premiums. Common modifications include changing the engine, exhaust systems, body kits, lowering the suspension, adding stereo, adding alloy wheels, navigation systems or changing the air filter. At the end of the day, insurance providers arrive at the premiums by using the combination of car and driver to create a risk profile and the chances of possible payout.

How to lower your modified car insurance

You can lower modified car insurance by having protection systems that help in averting accidents. Similarly, driving courses can help drivers prove their own competency when it comes to averting accidents. Modified cars with lower net worth or market value will generally attract lower premiums. Safe, but reduced driving will also help drivers to get cheaper insurance. On the other hand, special expensive additions to the car, which aren’t easily repairable, could raise the premium significantly.