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Auto Insurance Implications for Modified Cars


Car owners often modify their cars for the purpose of increasing the over-all auto performance. They also alter their cars to change the style or design. They develop their cars and improve the conventional specifications because they want only the best of what they have. The effort they invest to make their cars different is both challenging and rewarding. It can be that the satisfaction car owners get when they “reinvent” their cars is worthwhile after all.

Modifying one’s car is practiced by several people. Car owners who use their car for leisure and racing are the common people who modify their car. This became their major pastime and hobby. The statements they create through modification sometimes reflect their inner personalities and beliefs.

However, modifying your car involves a major risk. Auto insurance rates for modified cars are different from the conventional insurance rates. It is often higher than the regular rates. And if you did not report the modifications to your auto insurers, they may not even cover your car in instances like accidents. Car owners should report any changes even if it entails higher costs. It may be more expensive but this is the best way for you to assure yourself of protection in possible road accidents.

The insurance quote for modified cars are higher compared to the regular ones because of several factors. First is that the car drivers have higher reasons of making a claim for their insurance plan. Modifying your car to make it more attractive for other people also makes other unwanted persons likely to cause harm or steal your valuable possession.

Also, other insurance companies assume that if you improve and boost your car’s engine, you will drive faster. Though it is an advantage for you if have better engine performance and that you can handle it well—insurers see risk in higher engine performance. What they measure is the speed that you may actually get from the modification of your car. They often correlate the speed to possibilities of road accidents.

Auto insurance companies offer different rates for modified and conventional cars. If you are planning to seek for an affordable insurance quote, then looking for more than one car insurance company will help you to compare prices. Some auto insurance companies consider auto modifications reasonably. They treat modifications in a case to case basis. This sometimes enables car drivers to pay insurances that are comparable with regular auto insurance quotes.