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Spotting the Best Auto Insurance Rates


With prices increasing here and there, everyone is trying to cut back in almost all ways possible. In the quest for low prices and better rates, car owners looking for car insurance do the same. To save up on cash and find the best value for their money, motorists are always on the lookout for the best auto insurance rates.

According to a report made by the Insurance Information Institute, average expenses for car insurance have consistently gone up since 1999. Because auto insurance rates seem to only move upwards, car owners should be made aware on what they can do to find low cost car insurance.

First and foremost is to be safe on the road. If you are a cautious and responsible driver, you will be classified as “low risk” by most insurance companies, and will have better chances of getting the best auto insurance rates. If you are careful when driving, you will be less prone to road accidents, which will ultimately result to fewer expenses.

Second is to study the laws that govern car insurance in the state where you are getting it. Some States follow a Tort System, meaning someone needs to be proven at fault or considered guilty for causing the accident first before his insurance company will pay for damages. Other states follow a No-fault System, meaning regardless of whose fault it is, an insurance company will take care of damages up to the extent allowed by the limit. Certain state laws mandate minimum coverage levels required before you are allowed to drive on the open road. Some cities even have policies regarding driving vehicles that have a high theft rate, cars which are being stolen too often.

Familiarizing yourself with laws and practices in the city where you plan to get car insurance can be very helpful – it gives you a heads up as to what you need to avoid and what you need to do.

Third is to have patience in shopping for insurance deals. Only in talking to one insurance agent to another or browsing one website to another will car owners be able to compare quotes. The best auto insurance rates are like a treasure waiting to be found. It requires patience, negotiation, a lot of reading, and a lot of talking. Drivers need to be more determined to find the best auto insurance rates.

Fourth is to install car safety devices such as air bags, safety lock devices, clutch grips, and so on. Doing so will make the vehicle safer; the car can be classified by insurance companies as “low risk.”