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Tips To Reduce Rates of Auto Insurance for Seniors


It is never too old to get auto insurance coverage. In fact, there are several companies specializing in this policy to make things easier for you as senior citizens. However, if you are looking for specific auto insurance for seniors, you first need to review and take into consideration some important guidelines before applying for different policies.

  • Driver classification. Commonly known as automobile usage, this describes the type and amount of car that a senior driver will use. Two common types of usage are the “pleasure only” and “to and from work” types. In addition, also affecting rates of auto insurance for seniors is the mileage of car use. Seniors who only use vehicles on special occasions are given discounts in their premiums. Just remember to be honest to your insurer when giving the annual mileage of your vehicle because this is an important factor in calculating insurance rates.
  • Driver history. It is important to keep a clean driving record. You can get your insurance provider’s trust if you present them with a clean record. However, if you have several violations appearing in your records, you will be required to undergo defensive driving courses before continuing to apply for insurance.
  • Claims records. A senior’s claims history also carries significant importance as well. Insurance departments in different states often require carriers to record each and every claim reported by an insured driver. In relation to this, make sure to specify the reasons for filing to your insurance provider. Because if you do not, they might record it as a claim, which will affect your records and insurance rates.
  • Financial record. Contrary to rumors that this is not needed in getting auto insurance for seniors, financial score is in fact one important basis for your application to be approved. Insurance applicants who have low financial scores, high debt ratios and unstable financial conditions are more likely to be rejected because insurers consider them as problems. If you have become successful in reducing financial obligations, make sure that your financial scores show this, and remember to keep your insurers updated if there are any changes.

One important reminder in looking for a decent insurance company is that you should feel secured in doing business with them. They should take the time to discuss every issue involving the insurance policy for your benefit. Ask relatives, friends or senior colleagues who have also applied for auto insurance for seniors and find out which insurers will be the best choice for you.