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Unique and Cheap Car Insurance for Women


Most commonly, males do pay more for insurance premiums than the ladies. In general, car insurance for women is cheaper. Others attribute it to the fact that when two people of opposite sex are in a vehicle, it is mostly the men who would handle the wheel. In some instances, ladies just stay at home; making their driving mileage relatively lower, and thus the possibility of involvement in an accident also low.

Insurers base cheaper rates of car insurance for women on statistics. Records in most states show that it is the men who figure in accidents more than the women. Not only are the cases fewer with women, severity of the damage are usually just minimal. For instance, when men get into an accident, the car is usually totally wrecked while with women, only minor scratches and dents need to be repaired.

Some insurers offer a specific and unique policy in the form of car insurance for women. However, rates are not based solely on gender. Other factors that affect premiums are age, marital status, credit rating and driving history as well as records among others. The community one lives in also affects the amount that needs to be paid by the car owner.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying your car insurance for women:

  • Do not include one or more male drivers who live with you when applying for comprehensive auto insurance. Since men, especially younger ones or students will most likely increase your rate.
  • Teenagers are considered really risky on the road. There are reports that say that young ones are usually reckless when driving and get into accidents. Adding at least one teenager who is a member of your household in your policy will likely increase your premium rate. However, if your household has a teenager who handles your car as well, it is best to just include him in the policy. The possible costs to cover future damage will probably be higher rather than if you pay for the insurance from the very beginning.
  • Not all insurance companies are the same so do not settle with the first one that comes along. For all you know, there is a better deal out there and you just have not found it yet. Request for quotes and compare them. This will help you get to the cheapest yet most comprehensive policy.
  • Remember to read the fine print because these details are usually not explained to you. You do not want to be caught off-guard with what you think as unnecessary costs.