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Top Three Reasons Why Car Insurance For Women Is Affordable


Many would often ask why car insurance for women is much cheaper than for men. You may notice that your female friend gets lower rates than you do even if you always follow traffic rules. The reason behind is generalization. Most insurance companies generalize men as high risk drivers, and women as low risk drivers. Because of this, women are enjoying the benefits of less expensive insurance policies and more discounts from their insurers. If you want to get such benefits even if you are a male driver, then consider the three reasons why car insurance for women is cheap.

1.      Women have always been seen as safe drivers. Female drivers are less risky when it comes to driving, which means they do not drive in very high speeds unlike men. Some women drivers always drive cautiously because they are not yet confident in their driving skills. Although they also get into accidents, these are only minor incidents and as a result, their claims are smaller.

2.      Women are more disciplined on the road. A recent study says 90% of all traffic violations are committed by male drivers. Women, on the other hand, rightfully follow traffic rules, observe speed limits, and avoid committing any violations. As a result, female drivers are considered low risk which lets them receive lower rates, discounts and premium offers from different insurance companies.

3.      Female drivers do not drive that often. One factor that insurance companies recognize is the amount of time the driver uses the vehicle. Most female drivers only use the car when it is urgent, unlike men who use their vehicles daily going to and from work.

The prices of car insurance for women are cheaper than ordinary policies because of these reasons. Cheap auto insurance is not offered to women just because they are women. It is offered because of proven statistics that female drivers are certainly low risk. Understand that there are qualities that insurers want their clients to have and women possess them naturally. They are safe and disciplined drivers, and they do not drive too often. These are the factors that make car insurance for women very affordable.

As an auto insurance shopper, there are still things that you can do to reduce those premiums. Just follow the examples set by female drivers to save a fortune on your automobile insurance policy. If your insurance provider does not think a cheaper policy is fit for you just because you are a man, then convince them that you deserve it. Maintain a clean driving record and you will eventually get their trust.