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“Honey, it is Cheaper” – A Guide to Car Insurance for Women


Women have a great deal of preoccupations these days. Family, work, the kids’ dentist appointments, groceries, cooking and which nail polish to use. These are all, in their own way, frustrating. However, what is more painstakingly exasperating is car insurance for women.

Some men should be ashamed of underestimating women and their capabilities. Yes, because according to statistics (apart from usually being, more emotional than men) women have fewer accidents related to driving than men. Accordingly, female drivers have been rewarded with lower premium costs. Nonetheless, it is always better to avail of cheaper policies. How? Just read on.

The most common method in looking for cheaper car insurance for women is to compare coverage quotes and rates. Companies offer different amounts and types of plans. The way to get around is to look for those coverage plans that best suit you. The easiest way to do that is a quick internet search. However, visiting companies personally might give a better edge in choosing between plans.

Moreover, when shopping for insurance plans (whether on the internet or around the city) you will be asked what features you might want to avail of. Knowing what you want is an essential factor in maintaining the prices on the low. For example, declining an offer for a medical coverage by that company (if you already have one) and increasing your deductibles prove themselves worthy. Un-checking other options such as rental coverage, towing and collision get you directly to the point and increase your chances of lowering the rates on car insurance for women.

On the contrary, if you are too busy at work or simply do not have time to look around and compare insurance quotes then you might want to contact a car insurance broker. A broker knows his way around companies and could easily find plans that fit you best. This could prove to be an advantage, especially, if you do not know which company offers what and where they are located. Brokers could save you time, money and perhaps a whole deal of disappointment. In addition, brokers also inform you of the important details such as policy expiration and change in rates. Certainly, it is a smart thing to have them around.

Choosing which car you will be driving also determines premium prices. Obviously, smaller cars with smaller engines increase mileage, and thus, decrease the charges on your policy. Furthermore, installing safety devices like wheel and steering locks, alarm systems and airbags are entitled to discounts. Your vehicle’s (and your) safety against theft could well possibly give you an edge over the companies’ offers too.

Now you know what car insurance for women is all about and how it is done. Apart from the figures, women are not only safe drivers. They are smart too.