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Cheap Car Insurance for Women – Should You Get One?


A large percentage of drivers on the road are women.  In response to this trend, many insurance companies offer exclusive auto insurance policies for women.  The great news is that car insurance for women are generally much cheaper than other types of insurance coverage.

True, a lot of providers in the market offer cheap car insurance for women with terms that are especially designed for them.  There is good reason why most insurance companies are willing to give lower premiums or cheap car insurance for women, and it is not about gender discrimination at all.  The reason for lower premiums is based on real figures or surveys conducted among drivers.

According to statistics, women drivers tend to be more careful and slow drivers than men.  Despite the great number of driving accidents involving women, these accidents are often less serious than driving accidents that involve men.  In addition, a higher percentage of driving offenses reported involve men compared to a lower percentage of driving offenses that involve women.  Based on these studies, companies extend their best car insurance deals for women clients.

Therefore, if you are a woman who drives a car, then you should take advantage of your privileges.  Below are more suggestions on how you can keep your car insurance premiums low:

Avoid incorporating modifications with the vehicle you bought.  Although you may be offered cheap car insurance for women, your premium can increase if you made modifications to your car.  Replacing your wheel or modifying auto parts under the hood can result to an instant increase in your premium since providers consider modifications as a risky move.

Make sure that your car is protected with security devices.  Another way to reduce your insurance costs is to secure your vehicle with locks, immobilizers and other devices which minimize the risk of theft or damage.

Request for a lower rate.  If you have an excellent credit rating, do not hesitate to ask your potential provider for a lower interest rate.  An excellent credit rating shows that you are a good payer and companies would often do anything to keep good paying customers.  If they can afford it, you are most likely to get your request if you have good credit.

Compare companies.  Get pricing quotes from different insurance companies so you can compare one from the other.  Make sure that the provider offers cheap car insurance for women that are different from its standard insurance packages.