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Car Insurance for Women: What Affects Your Rates?


The popular notion that women are better drivers does not have a factual basis, but it cannot be refused that they generally have lesser involvement in traffic accidents than their male counterparts. They also make fewer and cheaper claims from insurers. Even statistics proves that female drivers drive lower mileage than males. Because the distance they travel is less, they are likely to enjoy cheaper insurance premiums.

Car insurance for women is purchased less expensively because women drive more carefully and responsibly, thus making them less prone to traffic accidents. The regulations that insurers use in providing coverage for women is different to what they use in insuring men. Nevertheless, the price that a woman has to pay is still driven by several factors.

In the past, buying car insurance for women had to involve having to call every insurer to find out how much a coverage costs. This caused women to grow tired of shopping for their coverage. However, in today’s modernized way of buying insurance, the internet is the one-stop shop to find the perfect coverage for you.

All that you have to do is go to an insurer’s website to get insurance quotes. These quotes are estimated costs for insurance. Remember that a number of variables affect rates. Your age and civil status do give an effect to the price you are going to pay. The make and model of a vehicle you are driving also affects how much you will be charged. If you drive a sports car, expect very high premiums; while if you drive an old mustang, you can truly enjoy cheap insurance rates.

Even mileage and the garage you keep your car in dictate how much premiums you should pay each month. If you travel too far, you will be charged a higher price. Nonetheless, you can lower rates if your car is kept in a safe place – somewhere far from vandalism, theft and loss.

Car insurance for women is usually priced lower than auto insurance for men, but you can still try to lower premiums by keeping a good driving record. If your driving history record shows that you have not made any claims, you may just get big discounts from an insurer.

What you must do in order to be sure that you get the best value for the cash you earned out of sweat and blood is to shop for quotes from many different companies. Compare these quotes against benefits and policies to get the car insurance for women that are surely right for you.