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Car Insurance for Women Come Cheaper than Regular Car Insurances


Cars are usually “toys for the big boys” because they want it big and customized that’s why it’s more costly to keep them. Ladies cars on the other hand have better deals in insurances. This is so because women drivers are a lot more cautious than their male counterparts.

Premium for car insurances for women are lower than that owned by male drivers. On recent statistics, male drivers are most prone to vehicular accidents than female drivers. That’s why male drivers have higher insurance premiums. Women drivers are a preferred customer that’s why insurance companies give attractive discounts to get more women car policy holders.

Only few female drivers get their cars customized, mostly female drivers that are in for the thrill of faster, louder, and colorful cars. Accidents involving customized cars can get a little more costly since custom parts and equipments not mass produced rather specially designed and fitted to a vehicle. If the driver doesn’t have coverage for custom parts and equipments he/she has to pay from his/her own pocket.

 Since women drivers are seldom hazards on the road, insurance companies have less burden on damage payments and repair bills. Male drivers are a lot expensive to cover since they are prone to serious traffic violations and they prefer cars that have high performances. On the other hand, women drivers usually go for smaller cars like GM Fiat or VW Beetle, which are affordable and practical. Women drivers have less mileage because they are very cautious on the road and less chances to be involved in a car accident.

No claim bonus for women drivers are larger, which could be from 60-75% in discount because of good driving history, meaning no record of car accidents. Women drivers most often just have minor scrapes or bumps on cars that they have struck because of their cautious driving. To maintain the no claim bonus, these incidents are usually settled with payments for the minor repairs.

Male drivers also benefits from car insurance for women. The husband or son, even if they have their own car insurance policy, can add his name to his wife’s policy and this can bring the premium for the insurance lower than the regular rate. Keep in mind, however, that while insurance premiums for women are relatively lower, the situation will always depend on the individual’s driving history. Traffic violations and accidents can all cause the premiums to go up.