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Teaching Your Child about Teen Auto Insurance


The moment your teen child rolls out of your garage with his first car you may have noticed how your blood pressure shoots up a bit.  Of course, it is quite normal for a parent who does not want to see his child getting hurt in an accident.  However, that is only the best that you can do.  Once a car and its teen driver are on the road, they both become potential victims of any accident that can happen there.  The best thing that can be done is to set up measures that will prepare you financially, at least, should it happen.  This is possible with teen auto insurance.

While this may be necessary, it will be another item on the monthly budget.  However, it is the price to be paid if you want to have immediate financial support ready in case of an accident.  Take it as just another cost in parenting.  What is important is that your teen is protected and that he understands this insurance coverage.  Therefore, it is not enough that he is covered with insurance.  You should take time and make the effort of teaching him what his coverage is all about.  With this, he will appreciate his new responsibilities as a driver better.

Inform your child that while he is covered with teen auto insurance, it is much better if he avoids any incident that can lead to this being used. Tell him that it is like a fire exit that should be used only because there is an emergency.  Instill the idea that, with or without this benefit, he should drive as safely as possible.  Encourage him to help in lowering the cost of premiums.  He can do this by avoiding accidents and any violation of traffic rules.

On the first few instances that he drives his car, it is good to be by the passenger’s seat while giving him lessons on traffic rules and safety.  Explain to him that every mistake can pose a risk to himself and to others.  He must also know that this can taint his record as a motorist and may affect his teen auto insurance premiums, increasing it due to the risks.

Finally, encourage your teen to work harder in school.  Tell him that having good grades usually creates a good impression that works well with insurance firms.  Insurance providers consider above average teen students as having the tendency to be responsible drivers as well.  When this happens, they may provide discounts in teen auto insurance premiums.