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The Importance of Modified Car Insurance


Cars owners spend good money to dress up their cars and make it look more beautiful and powerful on the road. Cars for these people are an extension of their personality and individuality. As such, they do not mind going through the trouble of bringing their cars to service centers and splurging to customize the look and performance of their prized possessions.

Modifications can be anything from upgrading a part (like changing the original exhaust), changing an assembly, or adding accessories like putting alloys on wheels. Most of these cars will be rejected in standard insurance policy applications. This is where the importance of modified car insurance comes in.

Insurance companies compute differently for customized vehicles. They factor in two basic facts. First, cars with altered parts are more delicate and require a higher maintenance. Second, it suffers a higher risk and is more prone to accidents. A customized car looks flashier on the road, however, chances of it being stolen is greater compared to an ordinary one.

If an engine has been modified, a driver will most likely be tempted to speed up on the road. This puts the vehicle at a higher chance of figuring in an accident. Repairs will be more expensive, not to mention the fact that replacement parts may not be readily available. Either these parts are difficult to find or must still be imported from other countries. Shipping may take weeks or even months.

Modified car insurance policies therefore make allowances for these possible incidences. Expect it to be more expensive than a standard insurance policy. After all, a higher-risk car will always incur a higher premium rate. However, after spending plenty of money dressing up your big toy, getting modified car insurance is the next smart thing to do. It is your safeguard for any mishap that could happen beyond your control. It is always better to pay extra for security, rather than worry about getting the money for repairing damages in the future.

There are two basic types of modified car insurance. First is for show cars, and the second for street cars. It is very important that you procure the correct type to avoid problems later on. Show cars basically have a changed body appearance only and applying for its insurance is easier. Street cars involve altered mechanisms. Drivers are expected to be very skilled because street cars are more dangerous and can cause serious injuries if mishandled.  Its insurance will be subjected to larger premiums.

You should always be prepared for any inconvenience your personalized car brings. Make sure you get an insurance policy that fits the modifications of your vehicle.