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Teen Auto Insurance – Efforts to Get Lower Student Rates


Remember when your child started to do his/her first walk? As much as you feel joyful about it there is also some feeling of being worried that he/she might stumble down all of a sudden, that he/she might be out of balance and hit on something. You were there to watch over but you are letting your baby stand up and take some steps on his/her own.

Now that several years have passed by you somehow feel the same way now that he/she is about to drive his/her own car. However this time around, you have another thing to add to your worries and that is your con’s/daughter’s car insurance rate.

Indeed teen’s policies cost more than that of people who are 25 years old and above. Due to their statistically proven high rate of involvement in crashes, teenagers are given high premium rates. Well this may not worry you that much knowing that as parents you can do something about this. Getting a lower rate is possible.

Just like what you did before when your teen was still a baby trying to walk on his/her own, you will need to guide your teens now so that both of you will benefit from getting lower car insurance premium.

First instill to your teen’s mind that driving is his/her privilege that you can take away if it’s becoming more of a problem than a help. You also must let your teen know how much of your family budget goes to pay for his/her insurance. If your teen is aware that his/her driving is taking serious amount he/she can be motivated to do something to pull the rate down.

Make sure to set a good example to your teen. Drive safely and you should also know your state driving rules. If at all possible having your teen enrolled in programs like the Graduated Driver Licensing would help reduce your teen’s premium rate.  Encourage your teen to be involved in certain community organization will also help.

Nothing beats a clean driving record in reducing one’s premium rate. Thus do not get tired reminding your teen about cautious measures and safe driving techniques.

The type of car your teen will drive also matters. Giving your teen expensive cars, SUVs, high performance vehicles or sports car will not help you with your goal. Provide your teens instead of safer rides with safety devices installed in it and this will definitely pull your teen’s car insurance.

Encouraging your teen to do good in the academe will also help. Most car insurance companies provide discounted rates if their student policyholder has 3.0 or higher GPA. Being an honor student or dean’s list also attract such reward.