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Some things you can do to keep your teen’s auto insurance premiums at a minimum


When you ask a teenagers what’s this something that they wanted to own, majority of them would have one answer- a car. Of course before one can have his or her car or at least drive their parent’s car, he needs to have the driver’s license first which is seen by young people as their gateway to freedom. Teenagers of today are actually lucky because they can have their own cars at an early age (with their parents’ resources of course). For parents who are considering of giving their teenage kids a car, they should also think of getting a car insurance for them.

When looking for teenage car insurance, the premium cost is the very prime concern. Universally, car insurance companies give more expensive insurance premium for teenagers and this is due to the fact that majority of teenage drivers are more prone to accident and risks. But the good news is that parents can have a car insurance for their teen kids at a lesser charge. If you are one among the many parents who is considering of getting a teen auto insurance for your teenage kids then you should be aware of the factors which can possibly help you get a better offer and premium.

Inculcate into your child’s mind the importance of having a clean driving record. Explain to them the benefits of following each and every traffic rule. Avoid traffic violations like over speeding. A good driving history is your passport to getting a lower premium cost.

With al the threats to security that we all are exposed into, it is recommended that you get a car for your teenage kids with excellent safety features. Also, avoid buying them ‘hot cars’ or those which attract car thieves so easily. Car insurance companies give lower premium rates to cars with high security features for they have lower risks of getting stolen.

Go for car insurance with higher deductibles for insurance companies more often than not gives a lower premium for policies with higher deductibles.

Get your child a stand-alone insurance policy to teach him the value of responsibility; that his insurance is his own responsibility. Part of this responsibility is following the guidelines and restrictions of his driver’s license.

As a parent, it is not just your responsibility to buy your kids nice cars and pay for their car insurance; it is also your responsibility to teach them how to be a law-abiding driver.