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Buying teen auto insurance without burning a hole in your pocket


One of the worst nightmares for parents is when their teenagers take to wheel. Not only are they worried about the safety of their teenager, but also about the money it is going to cost to ensure they have a valid auto insurance coverage. The cost of availing auto insurance coverage for teenagers is very high because they are first time drivers with no driving experience to their credit. Added to this, teenagers are considered to be high risk drivers because most of them throw caution to the wind and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, thereby risking their lives as well as the lives of the others on the roads. Since they fall into the high risk category, auto insurance companies do not offer them the normal discounts they do offer customers who have prior experience and are known to drive safely. However, this does not mean there are no discounts at all offered to teen drivers. Here are a few tips that can help you save cost on teen insurance without having to cut corners in terms of coverage.

There are discounts that are exclusively designed to cater to the teen market and one of them is the good student discounts. Auto insurance providers give preference to children who study well and get good grades at school. This displays the fact that these children are responsible and will be good drivers on the road. If your teenager has a grade point averaging 3, you can opt for this discount. Ensure you take the latest report card and ask the provider specifically for this insurance when you purchase it.

The occasional driver discount can also be offered to teen drivers. Getting your teenager to share your car or your spouse’s car is the best way to reduce insurance cost significantly. In such cases, your teenager gets listed as an occasional driver, therefore gaining eligibility for this discount. Specifying this clearly to your auto insurance provider while buying the policy is important, else it is easy to slip through.

Though you might want to share the car with your teenager, it is highly possible that they may not want to have it that way. In such cases, it becomes imperative for you as a parent, to purchase another car just for your teenager.  Instead of buying a brand new car with sophisticated features, a used car in good condition will prove to be a wise choice. Not only will this ensure safety of your child, but also keeps the premiums in check.