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Helping Teenage Drivers Have Lower Coverage Rates


Teenagers tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble, which of course that sort of trouble includes, traffic violations and even car accidents. Hence their insurance rates and policy premium are higher and more expensive. 

The fact that teenage drivers are more likely to get into (or even be the cause of) car accidents than their elders has already been proven in certain studies and statistics taken in the recent past. Enumerated here are other facts that concerns teenage drivers and how they are involved with auto accidents and the like:

  • During their first years of driving, one out of five young drivers is involved in car accidents.
  • Teenagers are more likely to get involved in car accidents during the night than older drivers.
  • Young drivers, most specially males, that are below twenty years old are more likely to be caught in a car accident than drivers almost twice their age
  • Forty percent of passengers involved in car accidents with younger drivers get seriously injured or even killed.

If your kids are teenagers who want to drive and need auto insurance for their protection, you have to teach them about safe driving in order for them to avoid getting into or even causing accidents. This way, there would still be a chance that you guys would lower the policy premium a bit.

Encourage your teenagers to take part in and pass the AA Pass Plus course, a series of driving lessons to teach drivers how to properly drive their cars safely. The lessons also include how to drive in different weather conditions and how to drive safely at night time. If your teenager managed to get a good grade from the course, then the insurance company may be willing to lower the insurance rate.

You should also convince them to take up the Comprehensive insurance policy, which covers and pays for the damaged caused by the car they are driving as well as other cars damaged in an accident. This type of coverage, though it is the most expensive of all the auto insurance types, is the most recommended to have especially for teenage drivers.

Be with your teenager when shopping for auto insurance, and help guide them into choosing a policy which would best suit them and their situation. Help them understand that having financial security is an important thing, and how helpful it could be when something bad happens to them while out on the road.