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Learn Safe Driving to Earn Low Rates


It’s all about risks. How much you appears to be a threat on the road is the main consideration taken into account by car insurance companies. Providers business is to cover the damage you have caused or you sustained from an accident or natural disaster thus if they’ll be spending more and more money just to settle your repeated claims you definitely are not an asset to the company. With this reason how risky a policy applicant can be is rigorously considered, researched and investigated upon.

Generally that is how car insurance providers set policy prices and never randomly assigning. Unfortunately for teen drivers, their age automatically categorized them to the high risk drivers’ category. This is justified by studies and researches that provide information on how likely they are to be involved in car accidents and other car related driving-related delinquencies.

Although it might appear to be unfair to over generalize these findings, the biological make up of the teens’ brain supported this justification. Well our brain, as we grow older, is actually growing with us. It is not fully developed from the time we were born or from the time we had our consciousness. It just happened that during our teenage years the brain part responsible for risk assessment. Making decision or judgments and controlling sudden and impulsive behavior is not yet entirely mature.

With these scientific findings, we cannot then blame car insurance providers if they give high premium rates to teens. However despite this, there is no scientific justification yet for you not to get some discounts or rate reduction. Indeed you can still do something about it.

First keep your driving record on good standing. If you cannot remove yourself from the label of being risky due to the strong support of science and research, you can always prove yourself to your insurance company. Following simple safe driving tips will help you keep a good record. If you are serious in aiming at low car insurance premium you might start with bucking up. Keeping your speed within limits would also help.

If you are mostly driving with friends, keeping the minimum number of passengers will help you avoid accidents. According to research you raise the chances of crashing five times greater when you raise several companies in your driving. You also must avoid using your phone while driving. Across states varying rules about phone use while on the car driving exist. Thus keeping your phone when driving will save you from accidents, high insurance premiums and going against your state laws. Also avoid driving when you are under the influence of alcohol. Depending on which state are you from sanctions to all involvements differ nevertheless the point is you will pay for doing so.