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Sky-high Teen Auto Insurance Prices: Myth or Truth?


Teens are bound to cause more trouble on or off-road than any other demographic with ages beyond puberty. During this age, individuals tend to be more adventurous—seeking out new experiences and hobbies that most likely would include getting behind the wheel and driving around town. This is precisely the reason why teen auto insurance policies tend to be more expensive than the typical car insurance anyone can get out of their favorite providers.

Generally, teen auto insurance is already stereotyped as being costly, but providers are now hasty to tell people that in this day and age of global recession, making sure that your teen is covered every time he or she steps behind the wheel isn’t going to be too tough on the budget.

While parents are struggling to make ends meet, they also have to serve as a good example to teen newbie drivers. Encouraging good practice when it comes to road safety is key to keeping teens safe. If all else fails, of course, insurance policies should serve as a good enough fallback without punching a hole in parents’ accounts.

Teens that are new on the road fall directly into the “high-risk” category, with little or no experience to back them up. Add to that the burden of having to struggle through the economic downfall worldwide; insurers are already losing revenue to those policy holders who are swiftly switching providers to get a better price. Nonetheless, InsuranceAgents.com has published some tips to go about handling the costs of teen auto insurance.

Primarily, setting a good example should be the first step towards educating your teen about what they should and should not do on the road. Being a good role model will assure your children that they too may follow your lead and become good drivers one day.

To save money, it is encouraged that teens use an older, used car to reduce the costs on your policies. Handing a newbie driver a brand new car might not be the smartest thing to do—always opt for a car which won’t make you waste your money on premium costs.

Generally, a number of insurance companies provide discounts to teen drivers who are able to excel academically, or at least maintain a “B” average. This serves as a dual purpose incentive for both parents and teens, as it pushes students to excel in both areas—driving and learning.

Teen auto insurance cost reduction may seem a bit difficult to get around, but parents must know that there are indeed cost-efficient ways on how to get a reasonable premium for their teens. Remember—it doesn’t have to be expensive to cover enough of your teen’s driving needs.