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Car Insurance for Women: Is Gender a Factor in Getting a Good Deal?


With today’s unstable economy, there are a number of factors that have come into play with getting the best deal for car insurance. The first and the most basic factor is one’s driving record. Actuaries, who are people hired to study the odds at which insurance loss might occur, often point out that people with tainted records are most likely to file a claim soon. The bottom line is that these people are considered “high-risk” and thus might account for loss in the company.

A major factor, of course, is the client’s car—from safety to value and even the probability that it might get into an accident. Another factor involved in obtaining car insurance is the clients’ details, such as age. It is a fact that the younger and more untrained drivers will do the most likely to pay  higher rates and post more claims. As odd as it sounds, other major demographic factors that come into play are gender, marital status, and geography.

There is such a thing as gender bias when it comes to obtaining car insurance. Actuaries report that married women fall under the “low risk” category while single men fall in the “riskier” category. Moreover, it seems that young women get better deals than young men—again showing a gender issue at hand. Even so, why does car insurance for women cost less than regular insurance?

As mentioned earlier, women are placed in the “low risk” category because they do not get involved in car accidents as often as men do. In fact, these car accidents involving female drivers are less destructive and thus less costly than those involving male drivers. This is one huge factor as to why car insurance for women costs less. Further research also shows that men commit more traffic violations than women. Could it be possible that contrary to the stereotype, men are actually worse drivers than women?

Generally, insurance companies offer good rates when it comes to. Given the facts stated above, they believe that women are more responsible on the road and thus might post fewer claims than men. However, there are still factors to consider in obtaining car insurance for women. Remember that comprehensive policies will be the most likely benefit the client more than the cheap deals others have, and that female clients must really look out for the women-friendly details of the coverage before making a costly purchase.

Moreover, like any other newbie on the road, younger women should consider driving an older or used car to avoid costly policies. Other types of car insurance for women also offer a no-claims bonus for every year that they keep their driving records clean. Always check for the best deals through online quotes and services.