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Getting Teen Auto Insurance for the Young Ones


Buying a car for your teen is just not good enough these days. Getting him or her corresponding auto insurance must complete the gift. This makes perfect sense not only because teen drivers pose a higher danger risk on the road, but also because statistics communicate a grim fact – automobiles figure as the primary cause of accidents in the United States, with an approximate number of 40,000 fatal crashes occurring each year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Thus, protecting one’s young drivers with auto insurance is not merely a fancy indemnity but actually necessary.

Teens cannot wait for that liberating day when they will finally be able to have a ride of their own. Nobody can blame them of course; the freedom and power of having one’s own car is intoxicating, which is why parents or guardians must make sure their young adults are heavily lectured on being responsible, as well as solidly protected with teen auto insurance.

The Price Tag: “Expensive”

Buying a car and providing insurance for one’s teen will surely drain the pockets. This type of insurance policy can be expensive, as premium increases are expected to reach 50 to 100% – an acceptable leap since teens sustain four times the risk of dying in road accidents than older drivers do. The good news though is that one may be able to lower the cost with the following steps.

Explore insurance privileges. Being well-informed about privileges or promotional schemes in teen auto insurance could help lower the cost of the policy. For example, most companies offer discounts or cost-friendly insurance schemes for young drivers who have good grades or who do well in school. And when one’s teen is such a student, the parent could save a decent amount of money in purchasing vehicle coverage. Another privilege that could dramatically slash insurance rates is the car assignment rule, wherein the young driver is assigned only one specific car for usage. This would then mean that other family cars are not accessible. Insurance companies offer lower rates for such an arrangement.

Pick the right car. Parents must remember that the cardinal rule in auto insurance, “the fancier the car, the bigger the cost,” is critical in choosing the right teen auto insurance policy. Instead of a red sports car, give your teenage driver a used car. This way, the insurance premium would not be as fancy and as expensive.

Getting teen auto insurance for one’s young driver is a stroke of love. This is a gift of protection – the perfect present any parent could give his or her child.