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Effective Steps To Lower Teen Auto Insurance


Since teenage drivers are less experienced on the road, they have a greater chance of getting into a car accident than adult drivers. This fact increases the rates of their car insurance. Teen auto insurance policy relatively costs more than your regular car insurance policy. This fact is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are a few effective steps that you can do to lower your teenager’s car insurance rates.

Avoid purchasing a sports car or a sports utility vehicle for your teenage driver. Both vehicles have higher insurance rates than your normal car. Sports cars have a higher maximum speed. This can be really tempting to teenagers, increasing the risk of auto collisions. Sports utility vehicles, on the other hand, are heavier and harder to control than your normal car, increasing the risk of doing more damage to other cars.

Better grades mean lower rates, so encourage your teenage driver to do better in school. Getting a GPA of 3.0 or higher can lower teen auto insurance rates by 10 percent because better grades mean that your teenager is most likely to be a responsible person.

It may sound a little strange, but monitoring and riding with your teenage driver regularly, making sure he or she drives safely can do a lot to avoid mishaps, consequently preventing the insurance cost to increase.

If your teenager has a job, you can ask him or her to pay a small portion of the auto insurance premium. If they want to be a responsible driver, they should also be responsible when it comes to finances.

Some auto insurance companies sponsor programs that can allow your teenager to lower the rates of their teen auto insurance. Some programs require your teenage driver to complete special classes that specialize on driving skills and road safety. Not all auto insurance companies take part in these kinds of programs, but it would not hurt to ask them.

If you are looking for several choices for affordable teen auto insurance, the practical thing to do is to search for quotes online then compare them. Many auto insurance companies that offer quotes online usually give cheaper premiums than company’s offline. That is because the competition between insurers online is bigger.

Once your teenager turns 21, he or she will not be considered “high risk” anymore. This means your provider will lower the rates of the auto insurance premium. Always remember that the most practical thing you can do to lower your teenager’s car insurance rates is to make sure your teenage driver drives safely and keeps a clean driving record.