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Practical Steps To Lower Your High Risk Auto Insurance


If you are classified by auto insurance companies as a “high risk” driver, you need to know this important fact: being “high risk” can actually cause you to pay more for an auto insurance policy. Being labeled “high risk,” means that you have traffic violations in your driving record and have been involved in road accidents that were caused by you. Luckily, there are practical steps you can do that may help lower high risk auto insurance.

First, be practical and control yourself from buying a current model, a luxury or sports car. Buying such cars will get your car classified as “high risk,” thus, increasing auto insurance premiums. If you own a current model, a luxury or sports car, you might need to let go of your expensive car and look for a cheaper alternative if you want to minimize high risk auto insurance rates. Purchasing a car with the necessary safety features such as airbags, head restraints, traction control, a car alarm, and anti-theft devices can serve to your advantage, since these greatly help lower premiums.

Another practical and easy step that to do is to drive safely; always follow traffic rules and regulations, and be conscious of moving violations like speeding. Moving violations and road accidents only further increase your car insurance rates, whether you caused it or not.

One important thing is regularly monitor the mileage of your car. Not a lot of people know that daily mileage greatly affects the rate of auto insurance. This means that lowering your daily mileage will also lower your high risk auto insurance rates. Give your car a good rest if it is not needed. Use public transportation or carpool to go to work or ride a bicycle. Not only will it lower your auto insurance rates, riding a bicycle will also lower your risk of high blood pressure.

You also need to monitor your credit rating. Make sure you have a good credit rating since insurance providers check your record every once in a while.

Check online at least two times a year to compare your provider’s rates to other providers’. You have a bigger chance of finding better deals after some time.

Above all, avoid driving under the influence at all costs. Drunk driving not only increases your auto insurance rates, it also puts your life and other peoples’ lives at “high risk,” literally. If caught DUI, your license may be revoked for good.

Following these practical steps may actually lower your high risk auto insurance rates.