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What makes you a high risk driver?


Car insurance is a legal obligation for vehicle owners whichever state you live. The same legal requirement dictates possession of a driver’s license at all times. Responsible driving is not a need but a personal creed for a driver to prioritize safety for him/her but also for passengers and third party properties or persons which maybe directly or indirectly affected by how he navigates a vehicle. Despite all warnings and trainings there is related to responsible driving though, drivers with minimal precaution still drives freely.

These types of drivers are labeled as high risks. To explain further, the involvement of a driver in reported vehicular accidents whether minor or critical can have him categorized into a high risk driver. Sometimes the driver may not even be at fault. Driving under influence or driving without license means serious risk business as well. But even regular traffic incidences such as speeding tickets and other traffic violations such as red light beating are considerations which auto insurance providers takes note of.

A bad credit reputation is deemed with low scores with these companies too as poor credit connotes more possible claim applications. Car insurance holders who maintain regular memberships are with stars while those who skip payments can be at risk. Age and sex, although uncontrollable are also risk factors. Older people from 70 years and above and younger individuals from 20 years below fall under age; female drivers gain more trust than males do when it comes to sex. First time drivers fall under high risks too. Driving range is also listed because those who drive within urban areas as tagged at higher driving risks than those in located in rural places.

Application for car insurance is investigated by companies offering the service. Although analyses of the car itself takes center stage, with factors considering the vehicles’ cost, performance evaluation scores noting down speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, engine quality, brake accuracy, including security devices installed as well as approximate repair and parts replacement prices in case an accident does happen; the driver himself is a major factor prior to approval.

High risk drivers are offered a different type of auto insurance policy which is more popularly known as non-standard insurance. Not to worry though, as high risk auto insurance are offered by a majority of car insurance agencies. In fact, there are more non-standard premiums available than regular ones. This maybe because the numbers of high risk drivers and categories which causes them to be labeled thus had risen over the years.