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High risk auto insurance and when you would need it


It doesn’t take many offences to be labelled as a high risk driver. High risk driving could lead to accidents, vehicle damages and sometimes loss of life as well. An added repercussion is the fact that such high risk drivers find it very hard to get auto insurance of any kind. This is because auto insurance providers are concerned about coverage that they have to provide to such high risk drivers, who are more likely to be involved in an accident.  This is where high risk auto insurance comes into the picture.

What qualifies as high risk driving?

There are several factors that contribute to a driver being labelled as a high risk driver. The most obvious case is that of traffic violations. If one has several speeding tickets in his or her name, it means that they don’t obviously, follow the traffic rules and are hence likely to be risky for themselves as well as for fellow drivers.

Age could also be a factor. Drivers who are below 25 years of age are considered too young to be able to drive safely, while those above 65 years of age could be too risky because of the impairments of senses that senility brings.

Those who have faced DUI charges in the past are also considered reckless by auto insurance companies and are often feared for being risky behind the wheel. Similarly, drivers with a history of claims are considered risky as the chances of the insurance company needing to pay out to such drivers, is high. If your coverage has a lapse or if you are a first time driver, you will be considered a risky prospect too.

How to lower price of high risk auto insurance?

High risk auto insurance is usually very expensive as the chances of insurance provider losing money, is very high. However, it is quite possible for you to bring down the price of high risk auto insurance. To start with, you can take a safe-driving course which will give you certification that can help you get a discount. Similarly, there are certification driving courses for those above 55 years of age as well. You can also get a car which has more safety features like navigation assist that will reduce the chances of an accident. There are various other features like installation of mileage and driving pattern detection gadgets and even cameras which will help you get discounts from insurance providers.