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Car Insurance for those without cars


People are getting more and more mobile nowadays. It is not surprising since distance now has a different face and traveling from one place to another has become a lot convenient for people. However people’s movement does not necessitate everyone to have his/her own means of transportation. It is true that having your own vehicle makes you feel more comfortable in traveling.  Maybe, but for some reasons some people opt not to have their cars despite it appearing to be a need nowadays.

Not owning a car does not imply that one does not drive. Well to get a driver’s license you do not have to have your own vehicle as a prerequisite. This is the reason why we have several car-for-rent services especially in the city. People who rely on rental cars or borrowing a friend’s car is saving several dollars for not getting his/her own ride however this does not free one from getting car insurance coverage.

Technically speaking no one is exempted so long as you drive you have to get a protection from a provider. Non owner auto insurance is the kind of policy one must avail if he/she is driving someone else’s car. It is specifically designed for people who do not own a car but is frequently or even occasionally traveling.

Non owner auto insurance is a Liability only policy. Liability insurance can only cover the damages or bodily injuries of the other party in case of an accident. Therefore non owner car insurance will not take care of the damages of the vehicle you are driving since it has no collision coverage.

Not all car insurance company offers this non owner car insurance and in most cases those who cater such service provide them on a limited basis. Some insurance providers offer non owner car insurance for people in urban cities. Living in highly populated and busy places can be seen as non-ideal place to have your own ride. The amount that it will cost you from the car purchase alone, the insurance policy, to parking fees to car maintenance would not be worth the effort of getting a new ride especially if you have a choice not to own one. They can just rent a car if they needed nit badly. With this the only coverage they need is the liability policy of non owner car insurance. Some insurance company offers this policy exclusively for those who need proof of insurance to be able to get another driver’s license and no longer owns a car.

Although in most cases non owner car insurance is offered in a limited option it is still best to check on different insurance companies who are providing such policy and do the usual comparison shopping.