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Even Without a Car, Get Insurance


Nearly all states now are requiring all car owners and drivers to have insurance policy. In fact those who are planning to buy a new car you might be asked by the car dealer for some proof of car insurance policy before you can drive your newly purchased ride. Since it is mandated by law you could not actually do anything about it unless you wanted to suffer the consequences of not abiding with the state law.

With this “prescribed need” for car insurance coverage, several car insurance policy providers started to emerge. Competition really began stiffening bringing life to the car insurance policy world. Aside from several companies to choose from, marketing strategies also bring us several choices when it comes to services, reward systems and promotions the companies have to offer.

The advantage of a healthy market based on competition for consumers is the fact that they can get the best deal that they wanted. Although car insurance policies are generally expensive, insurance providers became more competitive even with pricing now thus finding an affordable car insurance policy that will serve your particular needs is much possible.

Car insurance companies design specific types of coverage for different kinds of customers. Even if you do not have a car, car insurance companies can still offer you something. Well car insurance coverage is not just for car owners, services of such protection can also be availed by those who drive and not necessarily owning the ride they operate. This specific type of coverage is called non owner car insurance. From the name itself we can easily tell that it is a service tailored for those who regularly or occasionally drive a car. The car obviously belongs to another person, it may be owned by a friend or it can be a rented car.

The insurance coverage is mostly availed by people who live in metropolitan areas. In places like New York City owning a car might not be that necessary first because such a busy and crowded city has limited parking spaces. In apartment buildings where they may be some allotted space for cars parking options are limited. In addition to this if you own a car you must be prepared for the high insurance policy since you also have to be adequately prepared for the high cost of parking. For most people who live in metropolitan area driving for several hours would be inconvenient due to the fact that it is everyday that you will be encountering a heavily congested traffic.

For some acceptable reasons like the ones mentioned above, some people find it more reasonable not to avail his/her car but this does not free him/her from availing auto car insurance.