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Cheap Teen Auto Insurance


One of the desires of a typical teenager is to have their own set of wheels.  This is because the car and driver’s license are a symbol of freedom and independence.  There is also this sense that for one moment they are adults once they have their own car.

When your teen really deserves it, then get him/her a car.  When that is done, the next thing to think about is getting teen auto insurance.

As with everything else, insurance is expensive since most insurers charge a higher premium on teen auto insurance. This is because of the perception that teenagers are more accident-prone or reckless than adults, so getting a less costly insurance can be difficult.

However, it is possible to lessen the charges for your teenager’s car insurance.  There are ways to cut costs and the following factors would help you in getting a better deal in the future.

1. Clean driving record

Emphasize the importance of following traffic laws and having a good driving record to teenagers.  Meaning, they should avoid getting caught by the police due to speeding or drinking under the influence of alcohol since this would affect their driving record and would result for points to be removed from their driver’s license.  Accidents do happen, but it can be lessened without these incidences happening. Essentially, having a spotless driving record would lower premium payments.

2. Look for auto insurance with great deductibles.

Payment is much less if one has an insurance that covers a much higher deductible.

3. Safety features.

Seatbelts and airbags are not there just for show or for car manufacturers to comply with the safety standards issued by the government.  They were installed to keep the driver safe.  It is better to get your child a car that has the most advanced safety features and avoid buying cars that fall to the category of higher hazards. Having these features would cut prices on teen auto insurance.

4. License restrictions.

Teenagers have to stick to the restrictions and guidelines their license indicates.  This is for their safety and to avoid affecting their driving records in a bad way.

5. Stand-Alone Policies

Get a teen auto insurance that has a standalone policy, meaning the teenager would be responsible for his/her insurance.  As a new driver, he/she would only be allowed daylight driving, certification from a driving school, etc. This also teaches accountability and responsibility to the child.

A car is not a status symbol nor is it a toy to play around with.  It is their duty to make sure their car is in good condition.  They can even get a part-time job to pay for half of their premium.