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Banking on Teen Spirit to Get Teen Auto Insurance


Searching for car insurance as a teenager can be more difficult than looking for regular auto insurance. The outrageous and very expensive prices for teen auto insurance can be blamed mainly on companies who decide that granting insurance to a teenage driver will pose a great deal of risk to their business.

However, there are certain ways on how to work around this negative perception on young drivers.

A good way to save extra dollars is to simply include the name of a teen on the insurance policy of his or her parents. When a couple is getting auto insurance, they should already include the name on their policy statement even if a child is not yet capable of driving and not add it later on when he grows up.

This will save the couple from trouble doing extra paperwork. If a couple does not assume that their child will ever want to drive, they can add a teen’s name to an existing policy. However, depending on State laws governing the area, a child and a parent must live in the same residence. A requirement for this to work goes beyond living under the same roof. For example, if a married couple wants to help a random college student save up on car insurance, a couple cannot make the kid stay at their house, charge him cheap rent, and later, add the name of the kid in their existing policy. Sharing the same house is not enough. This teen must also be an immediate family member or under the guardianship of policyholders.

Getting teen auto insurance can be more challenging than getting any another insurance type. It takes spirit and patience to search and shop from a number of insurance quotes and policy promos. Because car insurance for teens, generally 25 years and below, are more expensive than those for adults, more time is needed to search for quotes before landing on a good deal.

Teen auto insurance may be more expensive, but there are also nice discounts that come with it.  By doing well in school and being a good teen, discounts can be granted for teen auto insurance. We all know that companies charge expensive premiums to young drivers because they see them as high risk. Well, if young drivers can show proof that they are responsible and intelligent; they will no longer be seen as high risk. What better way to do this than by having excellent grades in school!

Finding low cost car insurance for teenage drivers can be a bit tough, but if you have a teenager’s enthusiasm and determination, nothing is too difficult.