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Auto Insurance Requirements for Teenagers in Mobile, Alabama


Getting a car in the United States always means getting an insurance policy as well. This is because US laws make it mandatory for every car owner, whether driving or not, to get covered. Although the government imposes no minimum or maximum when getting coverage, certain guidelines have to be followed to make sure that you properly comply with the law.

This is similar in the state of Alabama. The local government also makes it mandatory for everyone on the road to get automobile coverage. Failing to do so will cause you to incur fines and suspensions.

For teenagers, this story is more or less the same. Revenue laws of the state of Alabama do not impose a minimum age for which someone can own a car. This means that teenagers – even minors, can own a car. This also means that regardless of their age, they are also required to enter into insurance agreements with accredited companies.

The state, however, imposes certain requirements or guidelines. In relation to civil laws of Alabama, a minor needs the assistance of a parent or a guardian when entering into contracts. So, a minor teenager cannot sign a policy all by himself. Otherwise, there is a defect which may cost him the entire amount of coverage. Here, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor. Except for those who have been emancipated, a parent or a guardian must be at their side at every stage of the transaction.

The person assisting the insured must also sign the contract. This is required by basic insurance and civil laws not only by the state of Alabama, but of all other states in the USA. This will allow the actions of an insured to have a legal effect since normally, drivers less than 18 years of age do not possess capacity to enter into contracts.

Besides a need for assistance, there are also other guidelines that the insured must follow, such as proof of enrolling in a reputable driving school, a certificate that the course was successfully passed, a recommendation by the driving instructor that a driver be issued a license and the usual medical, physical, drug and vision tests.

You may want also to look around since insurance companies tend to offer different requirements and guidelines for teen drivers. Call it a business strategy, but there are companies offering less stringent regulations, even lesser premium rates for applicants who are minors. However, it is still best to take note of all what is needed to minimize confusion during the application process, and to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.