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What Agents Will Not Tell You About Non Owners Car Insurance


Car owners normally get insurance to protect their vehicles. It is natural instinct for every owner to be very protective about their expensive possessions. These cars are probably worth many years of their salaries. It is very valuable to them whether they bought it brand new or secondhand. The last thing they want to happen is to find themselves in the middle of a collision without knowing where to get money for its repairs.

What about the non owners? These are people who drive cars that are not registered under their names. It is either because they only borrow from a car rental shop or they drive a car that belongs to the company they work for. Some insurance agents may not tell you this, but there is such a thing as non owners car insurance.

Non owners car insurance is not very popular because the market is not that big compared to auto owners insurance. Agents are more comfortable to sell the more common policies. However, non owners car insurance is just as important as the other types. In the same manner, everyone who drives, whether he owns the car or not, should get a car insurance.

Even if you are not driving your own car for two reasons given above, do not think that you have no responsibility when you are behind the wheel. If something happens to the car while in your possession, you will be held liable for that. Getting a non owners car insurance will give you peace of mind and security. Otherwise, in case of a road accident, you will have to take care of all financial concerns about repairs or replacement.

When should you get non owners car insurance? This is a good question that some agents might not answer truthfully because they need to make a sale. This type of insurance is only recommended to those who are regularly borrowing cars. If for example you are on a holiday for three days and rented a car, it is not really necessary to get insurance. For only three days, you will have to pay the full price of a policy that is good for one whole year.

You only want to get insurance if you are using a company car that is not insured by the owner himself, or if you are renting vehicles regularly. The risks are higher in these cases because you use the borrowed cars for a longer period.

It is also recommended to the members of auto sharing clubs. They take turns using club vehicles to save on gas and other expenses. Their cars are usually registered under their club name and they share on its usage.