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Your Complete Guideline to Modified Car Insurance


Car owners can be classified into two ways. First, there are those who buy based on a vehicle’s functionality. Second, there are those who choose a car based more on aesthetics. They want a vehicle that they can customize to their own liking and parade it on the streets. Cars that undergo customization or alteration are called modified cars. Owners of these cars will find out sooner or later that such vehicles will require a different kind of auto insurance.

What they will need is modified car insurance. This may be a little heavier on the pocket compared to just regular insurance policies, but insurance companies have valid reasons for increasing premium rates on customized vehicles. Considering that such vehicles are at a higher risk when on the road, the chances of filing for claims are also higher. Insurers have to make the necessary allowances for this.

If you are planning to customize your car or vehicle, try to research first about modified car insurance. It pays to be informed. Contact your agent and make sure they will accept your vehicle if it has been modified. They might be offering insurance for modified cars, but with certain limitations. Others will not offer this type of insurance policy at all.

Expect to pay a higher premium rate. If you are okay with this, then the first of your worries is already settled. Read the policy carefully to be sure that an insurance coverage extends to all parts and equipment customized in your vehicle. In case of a road accident, when filing for insurance claims, an insurer will also replace the expensive parts damaged to your car.

Check the amount an insurance company is willing to cover in your modified car insurance. It differs from one auto insurance company to another. Ideally, you want this amount to be higher or at least equal to how much you have expended for customization. Most companies will only offer to cover for the actual value at the time of an accident and not for the original cost of customization.

If your agent finds it hard to accommodate your needs, it might be advisable to look around for a better deal. You paid big money in altering your car so you deserve the best insurance policy coverage available out there. Remember that your car is put to a higher risk against theft or car breakdown, so make sure that the modified car insurance you get will give you enough protection whenever you go out on the streets.