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What Drivers Need to Know About Modified Car Insurance


Many car owners today are modifying their cars, a phenomenon that is perhaps a large influence of the media. They like to fashion their cars similar to what they see in the movies, music videos, computer games and print ads.

They modify their cars in several ways. Some will alter the appearance, like changing the mufflers to a bigger set, or attaching a sturdier and more eye-catching bumper. Some will enhance performance. They replace original engines with a more powerful one to give it more speed when they step on the accelerator pedal. Some will customize both appearance and performance. Others will restore vintage or classic cars to their original condition.

These people pay a big price to make their cars look more chic on the road. To better protect their prized possession, they go the extra mile to get modified car insurance. At first glance, others might ask if it is really necessary. Fact is, they could always resort to the standard insurance policies, but they will be charged terribly high for it. Modified car insurance might be the better option. The additional terms stipulated in this policy are meant to better protect upgraded cars in case of accidents.

Modified car insurance gives allowance to custom-built cars for the simple fact that these are considered high risk vehicles. This means that drivers will have a bigger probability of filing claims because their upgraded cars pose more danger when driven on the streets. Flashy cars attract more attention and are more prone to be stolen. When these vehicles figure in an accident, it will be more expensive to replace damaged parts or accessories. Insurance companies therefore have to adjust accordingly by charging a higher premium.

Another reason that custom-built cars are considered high risk is because majority of those driving upgraded cars are aged 15 to 25 years old. Drivers within this age range are generally more aggressive, reckless and hot-tempered when driving, and thus, more likely to figure in an accident.

Owners of customized cars need not fret though because there are various ways to lower premium on modified car insurance. The main idea is for them to assure insurance companies that they can significantly control the event of accidents. One way to do this is to install security alarms that will discourage thieves. Another way is to maintain a clean driving record in spite of handling high-risk cars. Insurance companies take this as a good sign that their clients are responsible drivers and worthy of getting premium discounts.