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Should You Get a Modified Car Insurance?


Car insurance companies offer different types of insurance policies to match the car owner’s needs.  If you are in need of auto insurance, it is best that you understand the different policies available in the market so you can pick the best choice for you.

For instance, if you own a classic car or a modified vehicle, then you should look for a policy that matches your vehicle type. You can find classic car insurance or modified car insurance depending on your car type.

Classic vehicles or modified vehicles are usually owned by car enthusiasts.  People who are fanatics about cars purchase them for their personal collection.  Some people find pleasure in restoring or upgrading an old vehicle, and turning it into a vehicle that is as good as new.  Classic and modified cars can even turn out to be a lot more expensive than standard vehicle types that you can buy from dealers.

Obviously, people who love to keep these special cars need to apply for insurance so they can drive their cars around with confidence and ease.  The insurance premium for classic cars will most likely be much less than the cost of modified car insurance.  This is because classic cars are not used daily by their owners.  Because these cars are very special and expensive, their owners may choose to drive them only on certain occasions.

However, the premium for modified car insurance is often higher than the premium for regular auto insurance.  The reason for this is that insurance companies consider modified cars as higher risk or more prone to accidents.  Insurance companies believe that some of the modifications made by the car owner can decrease the car’s original capabilities.

However, if most of the modifications you made with your car are external or has nothing to do with the engine or the mechanisms of the vehicle, you may still be able to get a lower premium. An example of an external modification is repainting the body to make it look better.  However, if you happen to change the wheels or other parts of the vehicle, then your modified car insurance premium can increase, depending on your provider.

Any other changes that you make under the hood to enhance your car’s driving performance can cost you more.  If modifications were made to add to the speed of your car, then undoubtedly your insurance company will consider you as a high risk or a speedy driver. Nevertheless, if you have made any modifications with the car you use, you should disclose it to your insurance company to avoid complications later on.