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Modified Car Insurance: Would You Need It?


It is quite normal for people, especially for men, to dream of having their own customized car. Who would not want a car that other people take a second look at as it drives by? The possibilities are endless when thinking of personalizing a vehicle. Some would like to change the rims, add another muffler, change the body color, and other stuff. But changing an auto entails a different kind of insurance policy that can prove to be difficult to acquire: modified car insurance.

It is always best to study your modified car insurance options even before you touch your car. Most of the time and insurance-wise, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Do not fall prey into customization because you cannot bring back what was already changed without spending more money. That sounds wasting big bucks. If insurers can avoid modified cars, they would because when a car is personalized, the risk factors are increased most of the time. For one, especially with brand-new cars, warranty for all accessories is lost once modified. Second, the dealership automatically voids indemnity. And third, the car becomes riskier because it is made more capable of running faster and smoother that drivers tend to forget safety.

Again, since insurers are wary of fast and able cars because of the involved risk, modified car insurance may not be readily available. In most cases, the risk involved is first and foremost the consideration when quoting a client. You must absolutely have an insurance policy because your local DMV will not register you otherwise so the only option left for you is to pay for higher premiums or higher deductibles. Find the insurance company that would be willing to cover you; there are only few.

All you need to do is prove your worthiness of modified car insurance. Talk to your agent and lay out your qualifications. You may have created a little monster of a car but prove to him that the risk factors can be negated and avoided or at least minimized. Even if your new customized car is a hot unit for theft, losses and accidents, there are also ways to even this out. You can maintain a reliable safety and security measures. Install devices that will keep you safe like airbags and reliable brake system. Rent a secured garage to park your can in at night. Also if you have been keeping a good credit score, then your agent can prove that you are a responsible person and that most likely you will not make huge claims on insurance.