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Getting to Know Modified Car Insurance


Car modification is an ever growing lifestyle and industry. There is no doubt that modified car enthusiasts spend serious cash to “pimp out” or “juice up” their precious rides. They get a lot of satisfaction from their chosen hobby, even though they know the fact that the more they customize, the more they will pay for their modified car insurance if their car gets damaged. However, that does not stop them from doing more modifications.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a car insurance provider willing to give coverage for modified vehicles, even at higher rates. Most providers will consider giving insurance for modified exteriors like spoilers, fenders, hoods, headlights, bumpers or skirts as well as modified in-car entertainment systems. However, most of them will think twice before insuring cars with engine modifications. Engine modifications highly accelerate an engine’s speed, making it tempting for drivers to rev up. This increases the risk of auto collision. Car or vehicle owners have better chances of getting modified car insurance if there are only slight engine modifications.

Aside from these, there are also other vital factors that determine the level of risk of drivers with modified cars or vehicles. Among these factors is the driver’s gender, income, credit rating, location, driving history, and the amount of traffic violations a driver has received.

There are two main classes of modified cars considered by auto insurance companies: “show cars” and “street cars.” The risk of “show cars” is obviously lower than “street cars.” Because of the lower risk, auto insurance providers are usually more lenient. These types of cars can easily get approval for modified car insurance. Furthermore, “show cars” are usually stored in safe places and therefore not as likely to be vandalized or stolen as “street cars,” making it more agreeable with insurance companies.

On the other hand, “street cars” have very high risk factors such theft and vandalism, as well as auto collisions, that providers charge large premiums for claims. Since “street cars” are usually driven in illegal street races, it is highly possible that people other than the owner would be driving the modified vehicle. The street car may not always be parked in a safe location, therefore increasing the risk. Auto insurance providers generally charge high premiums for these types of vehicles, but most street car aficionados are rarely concerned with costs if their street car gets damaged.

Modified car owners might find it quite difficult to look for an auto insurance provider willing to offer modified car insurance coverage at affordable rates, but this is possible.