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What You Need to Know about Rear-end Accident Scams


Criminals are finding more and more ways to gain money for their benefit. These criminals use scams and other operations that are increasingly hard to identify and which serve to trick people into giving them money. Hitting on car insurances has been around for sometime but some people still get victimized by this scheme. Oftentimes, the victims are those who are bearing good coverage policies. Other times, criminals just hit on anyone they can victimize.

Rear-end insurance scams are one of a few fake accidents used by criminals to take money from insured individuals and their insurers. This scam is staged to make the insured individual look as the party at fault so that he is sure to pay for the amount that is indicated in the quotation from the criminal. The victims often find themselves in shock of the quotations for repairs, and sometimes, they will have to shed out more money from their pockets especially in cases when their car insurance is used up.

This crime is fairly simple as seen in its execution. The criminal initially overtakes the victim so that he stays in front of the victim’s car. They suddenly stop their vehicle leaving no time for the victim to realize what has happened so that the victim ends up colliding with the criminal’s rear-end. The crime may be based on the principle that in most cases of collisions, the car behind is seen to be the one at fault. When this happens, the criminal will now be able to gain access to a victim’s coverage policy. However, the criminals also need other people in order to make their auto insurance claims stronger.

These criminals have partners from body shops who are the ones responsible for quoting the estimation for fees for the repairs on the criminal’s car and of course, the estimations will have to be exaggerated in order for them to scourge more money from the victim. Others have partners who are doctors or lawyers. It is to be noted that in these situations, criminals may ask for compensations for repairs on the vehicles or compensations for bodily injuries. Thus the need for partners in body shops as well as doctors. Lawyer partners will further make their cases stronger.

This type of crime is here to stay whether we like it or not. It should only be enough to get educated about these types of crimes in order for us to come up with measures to counter these incidences or to keep us alert while we are driving. Always remember that criminals will do anything they can in order to gain money at other people’s expense so don’t be fooled by these criminals. Educate yourself and always stay alert. Sometimes driving too fast will also worsen your situation especially if you are a target of the criminals.

So then, driving safely and staying alert on the road should still be a concern. However, if you become involved in a rear-end collision, it may be safe to make your own investigations especially if you have the best car insurance policy.