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Short Term Auto Insurance Policy for Short Term Driving


The market is teeming with auto insurance companies these days. More than that, they offer you a number of different packages that you are faced with the dilemma of which one to choose. It is almost as if you need to go over a thousand offers before you can be sure that you have selected the best.

With the recent financial crisis that has swept the world, people have become more price conscious. Consumers are now basing their choices not on quality alone but they have taken into serious consideration how they can get the best deals on a low amount of money. Affordability now comes on top of all other shopping criteria.

If a car owner shops for a policy, therefore, it is quite a challenge of finding a cheap car insurance that has the best offers. By now, you are probably aware that companies do not just sell cheap or affordable policies to anyone who desires it. They consider a number of factors before they say “Yes, all right. You may have this affordable and quality offer.” The rates vary from buyer to buyer due to several factors such as age, driving history, gender and so on.

The good news about having so many auto insurance companies that compete with each other is that a lot of them try to make their deals more budget-friendly. Today, shoppers are now given offers such as short term car insurance where the coverage only lasts for a few days or a few weeks.

Short term policies are suited for non-regular drivers. For instance, you may not own a car but you rent one from time to time so you can drive for a weekend trip to the river or to visit relatives. If this is the case with you, it is not really practical to have a full coverage because you might be paying more than necessary. This is also for people who do not have family members who can list them down in their own policies. A short-term car insurance policy can help people make the most out of a low budget.

If you have friends or relatives that come to visit you, they can also avail of this policy if they want to drive around town on their own. Auto insurance companies now offer short term policies for foreigners who will stay temporarily but would like to drive around the area without having to rent for chauffer driven car. It would also keep them off your back if you are a busy person who can not be troubled with playing a driver to anyone.

Some car rentals do offer short term insurance policies to go with the car they are loaning but it is best if you are the one who will shop for your own policy so you have the option to select what you want. Usually, car rentals seek partnership with an insurance company so they can have a cut from whatever you will pay for your policy that goes along with the car. If the policy is inclusive with the amount you pay for the rental, you often do not have a say on the amount to pay for premium nor in the coverage to be included.