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Car Insurance: A Requirement by the Law


Going to a decent driving school in order for you to get a legal driver’s license will tell you a very important thing: you have to get car insurance. However, everyone is trying to save as much as they can these days because of the financial crisis. Instead of spending those precious and hard-earned dollars on a policy, most drivers now prefer to drive carefully and hope for the best.   

Hoping for the best might just not turn out for the best. First of all, you can get in trouble with the law if you drive without being insured as you are mandated by the law to get a policy. No matter how careful you are, the situations on the road are not always favorable. A little fall of rain or snow may make the roads slippery. A sudden gust of wind might blow a pile of leaves right in front of your car, obscuring your view. Some other drivers may not be as careful as you. A million things can happen and the absence of insurance can cost you a law suit and thousands of cash that you cannot afford. 

The law requires you to get a policy from a good car insurance company because it is the only way they can ensure that you can handle the expenses should you get into road trouble. That is, the expenses for the repairs and the medical expenses of all who are involved in the incident. This way, they can be sure that no one will die or suffer the worst because of the cost for medical attention. 

Some drivers still consider the cost of car insurance premiums as a burden and treat is as something they can do without. Well, it is always possible that you are a careful driver and will never meet an accident while you are driving. It is also possible that you can just save the amount you will spend for premiums so that you have some sort of “emergency fund” for when you encounter road mishaps. However, what if other drivers are not as careful as you? What if you do not have the right amount of cash or have not saved enough when you actually get into an accident? 

If you get caught driving without car insurance you will be sure to face several charges. Some states charge a huge amount of fines to drivers caught without a policy. Most states really frown on drivers who do not take the effort to get even some cheap auto insurance. They have a number of legal penalties for such careless drivers. These penalties include a suspension of driver’s license or registration and impoundment of the uninsured vehicle. Some states may go as far as require you to spend some time in jail if they catch you without a policy as you are endangering yourself and other people. 

It is really unwise to put yours and others fates on the stars on such a serious matter. Even governments recognize that driving without a policy is being a grave threat to other people. It is not only the driver’s life that is put at risk but even those who may get involved in an accident that the driver may cause. Think about your love ones who will be riding with you. Make sure that they are covered for anything that can happen while you are behind the wheel.