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How to get the best car insurance deals for Seniors


Everyone and anyone who owns a car (or any vehicle, for that matter) is required by law to get car insurance. That’s basic knowledge. How much one has to pay for the car insurance, however, is where the difference lies. Factors such as age and gender affect the car insurance rates of one person and another. In other words, car insurance companies have different requirements and qualifications for young teen drivers and those for older people, or seniors.

Although they are considered to be the most responsible drivers compared to the other age groups, seniors still face the risk of paying exorbitant amounts for indemnity because they are deemed by car indemnity companies to be unsafe drivers. This is because when one ages, one inevitably loses some reflexes that come very easily and naturally to younger people, hence the very high probability of being involved in car accidents.

If you are a senior, this need not be a source of anxiety. There still are many ways to cut back on car indemnity rates.

Although it is advisable for everyone to have them, seniors are especially recommended to go on regular medical check-ups. This is to ensure that they are still physically able to drive. Normal effects of aging such as loss of keen eyesight and hearing may affect the car indemnity companies’ evaluations of you as a driver. In any case, such check-ups may serve to diagnose any ailment or physical inability you may have. If you are experiencing poor eyesight, for example, you could be fitted with glasses and the like.

Most typical seniors are already retired. If you are one such person, you could use this to your advantage by discussing this with your agent. You could actually reason with your agent that since you are retired, you don’t need to drive half as much as you needed to when you were still working. This could result in lower rates for you.

Another factor which may be to your advantage is if you drive an old-model of a car. How old or new the model of your car is actually determines how cheap your car insurance rate will be. For added safety and more discounts, you may want to fit your car with safety and anti-theft devices that are otherwise absent in the older models. You could get at least 10% and as much as 15% slashed off your car indemnity expenses if all your anti-theft and safety devices are accounted for.

So, being a senior and getting car indemnity is really not that difficult. If anything, you could actually use such things to your advantage. And of course, getting advice from friends would not hurt.