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Two Factors that affect insurance rates for seniors


There are many factors that affect the price that a car insurance company gives to a person. Several of these factors include the make or model of the vehicle, the age, as well as the lifestyle of the car owner / driver, and several other factors. These factors invariably affect how much a person is to pay for his or her insurance. More often than not, the car indemnity price corresponds to the above mentioned factors.

Seniors, like all car owners or drivers, are also affected by such factors and are accorded corresponding treatment with regards to their age. Such treatment is not necessarily entirely different from that given to other drivers. The same basic rules apply to them as well.

How seniors differ from other drivers in two ways is discussed further. If you are a senior, such information may give you ideas on how to get cheap car insurance.

Because of their age (ranging from 60 and above), seniors are said to be the most mature among the other age groups. Hence, they are also considered to be the most responsible and less rash drivers compared to their younger counterparts. They are, according to car indemnity companies’ evaluations, the least likely to overtake, to over speed and the like. However, this age is also coupled with physical degeneration, loss of reflexes, poor eyesight and hearing, which puts them at the “bad risk drivers” category, or those who are more likely to be involved in accidents because of their poor physical aspects brought about by age. This in turn may mean higher car insurance rates.

The solution for this is to provide proof that seniors are getting regular check-ups and medical advice from their doctors to ensure their physical fitness and capability to drive. This would not only increase the possibility of getting low cost car insurance, but would also enable seniors to maintain having their driver’s license at all. So you really hit two birds with one stone.

Another factor that may enable seniors to get affordable car indemnity is the mileage. Most seniors are actually retired, hence the lessened need to travel in many places. If this is the case, seniors can provide the car indemnity company with information regarding the approximate mileage covered within a specific time frame - perhaps within a year. This means that they would also less likely be involved in any accidents and would therefore increase the possibility of lower expenses in car indemnity. Speaking to the car indemnity agent and discussing this would be a very good idea and may result to lower car indemnity expenses.

This may look like additional hassle, but the results will definitely pay off and give seniors what they really deserve.