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Auto insurance for seniors can be cheaper than you think


Auto insurance for seniors could be cheaper than you imagine for various reasons. Auto insurance providers usually offer discounts and low premium rates for those individuals who pose the lowest risk of being involved in an accident and then making a claim for insurance coverage. Here are some of the reasons why seniors could claim for lower insurance premium.

Low mileage and slow driving

Most seniors are eligible for auto insurance discounts because they are expected to drive much less than the middle aged professionals who commute daily to work. Seniors can even go for insurance companies’ offers involving up to 25% discount for those who allow the installation of special gadgets in the car to detect mileage and driving patterns. Moreover, seniors are known to drive more carefully, owing to years of experience. The absence of any traffic violations on their driving record for more than 3 years will also allow seniors to qualify for auto insurance discounts.

Combining insurance with other policies

A lot of seniors are likely to have a house insurance or health insurance for sure. Combining these policies with their auto insurance or combining their auto insurance policy with that of their children or wife, will allow seniors to get handsome discounts. This is because when you combine several policies you increase the business for the insurance provider and hence become a preferred customer.

Special 55+ driving courses

Seniors can easily undertake and get certification from 55+ driving courses offered by driving schools as well as many websites online. Taking these courses is very easy. Moreover, it allows seniors to not only brush up on the fundamentals of driving safe but also claim for discounts from the auto insurance providers. There are certification courses that also teach seniors extensively about various traffic signals thus helping them to avoid accidents and negate the slowness in reflexes that sets in due to senility.

Credit history

One of the best reasons why seniors can expect lower auto insurance premiums is because of their credit history. Given that most seniors are very careful about paying their bills on time and have a long credit history, their credit score would be most likely, impressive. A better credit score always gives the impression that the individual will not only pay the premiums on time, but will also be more mature, and controlled and less reckless on the roads. This will also mean a lower risk of accidents and claims.