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Key tips for finding cheap car insurance


Finding cheap car insurance isn’t a very tough job as long as you follow some basic tips and play by the rules of the auto insurance providers. Auto insurance providers usually offer the lowest premiums to those who seem to be the least risky, in terms of accidents or chances of making claims in the future. There are many different types of criteria which allow insurance providers to conclude whether an individual is risky or a safe bet. Here are some of the parameters based on which you can succeed in getting cheap car insurance.

Maintain a great credit history

An individual with an excellent credit history is always considered more mature and less reckless. Therefore insurance providers use credit score of an individual as a parameter to decide upon the cost of insurance. Moreover, a good credit history also means that the insurance premiums will always be paid on time, which is good news for the auto insurance providers.

Keep the mileage low

Although you need auto insurance for your vehicle, which you intend to drive, keep the mileage as low as possible. This could be by sharing rides or using public transportation. At the end of the year, every extra mile you drive adds to your costs. This is because, the more you drive, the greater are the chances of an accident and hence of a claim being made. Therefore, individuals who rack up the lowest mileage get the best auto insurance rates.

Get a mid-size sedan

An SUV, a vintage car or an exotic model will be very expensive to repair, when there are damages. The spare parts are costlier too. In fact, with SUVs, the temptation to drive fast and the chances of accidents are both high. Therefore the cheapest insurance is reserved for those who own mid-size sedans which are safe and inexpensive. Moreover, cars with anti theft systems, navigation systems and side air bags are relatively safer and hence attract lower premiums than other cars.

Obey traffic rules

It is incredible how much you could save by simply driving slow and avoiding all kinds of traffic violations. If your traffic record is clean for a period longer than 3 years, it means you obey all traffic rules and hence avoid speeding or signal violations. You are considered to be less reckless and hence a far safer bet for lower insurance premiums than most other drivers.