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Senior and student driver discounts that make a difference


Auto insurance companies usually fix premium rates depending upon many factors in the individual’s application. Age is one of the prime factors deciding the premium rates. According to the insurance companies senior drivers and student drivers are higher risks when compared to others on road. Hence they charge a higher monthly premium rate for anyone who falls into that particular age group. Along with this, they have many more classifying factors to fix a premium rate. Some of them are listed below:

  • They depend on statistics to identify most safe cars on road. The premium rates depend on their list of cars, and if the car does not feature in their list, the premium rate is high.
  • They also see individual driving records of insurance applicants. The cleaner the driving records, the lower the premiums.
  • The mileage of the car matters in deciding the premium rates. The logic of insurance companies is that the more the car is driven around, higher the risks of accidents.
  • Some factors that the car owners cannot change, affects the premium rates. Area of residence, geographical conditions, the weather conditions of the area all play roles in deciding premium rates. This is mostly the reason why insurance quote in one area is different from the quote in the other.

Student drivers and senior drivers will have to pay higher premium rates than the rest of them in the same insurance company. But there are some ways to reduce the monthly premiums for them:

  • Student drivers and senior drivers have different defensive driving lessons that can be signed up for, that can help reduce their premium rates. The certificate of completion must be produced at the end of the classes.
  • Both student drivers and senior drivers benefit by selecting their car models carefully. Student drivers should avoid choosing expensive and sports car models to avoid higher premiums. Senior drivers usually choose safe car models, but their cars should be updated with latest safety devices and technology.
  • Senior drivers get benefit from the low mileage discounts since they drive far lesser than other drivers. Student drivers can limit their use of the car to reduce the mileage and get discounts. Both get different mileage schemes with their plans, so it will be easy to stick with it.
  • Both student drivers and senior drivers can benefit from enrolling with their family members. Insuring multiple cars will get the discount for the whole family.