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Are you well-versed with auto insurance for seniors cover?


Are you facing trouble getting an auto insurance because you have retired? Is your insurance company providing you complete benefits on your policy?

Auto insurance companies can never deny coverage for vehicles belonging to senior citizens; rather they significantly increase the premiums for the coverage. The indirect denial to a senior applicant’s request is usually tagged as a high-risk driver and slapped with a higher rate for premiums.

Providentially, unless a senior has exhibited a reckless driving behaviour, a good health record will help him maintain a driver’s license and also receive insurance.

How Age Affects Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers?

Age can only affect the insurance rates, especially if the senior driver has exhibited a high-risk driving. Else the age can work in the driver’s favour.

Senior drivers are the most experienced drivers on the roads, since they have been driving for several decades since they were legally allowed. Hence, they have several years of practise and experience while driving on the road.

Furthermore, they are the most mature drivers on the road because they are driving with a focused mind and their emotions are well under control, unlike younger drivers. Due to their long stint with traffic rules and good road sense, they are certainly safest drivers to have on the road.

Is it easy to find insurance companies offering senior discounts?

Finding an insurance company that would offer discounts for senior drivers is uncomplicated. For instance, you can purchase both homeowners and car insurance from a single company.

Further, driving a vehicle with several safety features and a high safety rating will enhance your chances of attaining discounts on your insurance.

Several insurance companies offer discount to policyholders who continue to renew with them. Paying annual premiums quarterly, bi-annually or annually will reflect a good credibility on your account and it will oblige your insurance company to make discounts.

Fortunately, you can save tremendously on your policy with additional discounts. Several auto insurance companies offer the following discounts for seniors:

Some companies offer discount due to the age factor of the driver. These Mature Driver Discounts are due to rock-solid experience of the driver reflected from their driving record history.

If you drive more often than other drivers you can receive Mileage Discounts and pay a lower rate on your auto insurance.

If you are retired and 55 years of age, you can obtain a good bargain.

Retired Military Discounts is a note of thanks in response to the unique services imparted by the retired military personnel.

Last but not the least, affiliate yourself with a senior-specific organization and receive Membership Discounts.