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How to get Discounts in Car Insurance for Elderly Drivers


Seniors have always been said to be the most responsible drivers. This because of the age and experience they have which is not entirely present in the rest of the other drivers belonging to the other age groups. Most elderly people, however, worry about their expenses, especially car insurance expenses, since they are most likely retired and are living on steady income. If you are senior and you feel that way, it is understandable.

Such fears need not overcome you because there are ways on how to obtain discounts and get low cost car insurance. The following are discussed in this article, so read on.

Clean driving records are of course, the most common key to getting cheap car insurance. If you haven’t so much as bended a fender or gotten one single speeding ticket in the last several years, in other words, if your record is spotless, you may be entitled to discounts. Most car insurance companies give drivers who have clean records the “good driver discount”.

Moreover, companies also award “senior discount” to those aged 50 and above. Some companies apply this rule varyingly – some at the age of 50, some at 55. All you need to do is confirm or verify this with your company and your agent. You could actually get as much as 10% slashed off your expenses. So if you have just reached 50, and also happen to be the owner of a spotless driving record, you could simultaneously avail of the “good driver” and “senior discount.”

Another way to cut back on your premiums is to attend defensive driving courses, which could be given or sponsored by your own car insurance company. Garnering a certificate of completion of such courses would give you credibility and afford your company to trust you even more. Most of these courses are also actually online, reducing the hassles and allowing you to work on your own time schedule. You could check online for credible defensive driving schools / companies.

Since you are most likely retired and would therefore imply lesser chances of travelling with your car, you could apply for “low-use discounts”. This is given the fact that your mileage is a lot less than when you were still a regularly-employed person.

And finally, it is a very wise idea to compare car indemnity quotes. Competition between car indemnity companies result to the production of very good and more reasonably priced car indemnity deals. If you believe you find a better car indemnity deal than what you currently have, do not be afraid or hesitant to change companies. Besides, comparing is actually a very easy job now with the internet. Also, ask advice and ideas from friends. In short, shop around.

If you take these tips in mind, you would be able to cut back an immense amount from your current expenses.